Things Returning to Normal

((Note: as we changed the timeline of our game after I wrote these articles, please pretend that the previous 4 articles happened closer together, from July 22nd to July 23rd. ie, the first game happened in real-time at the end of June but I’m just going to pretend it happened about a day before our July game. This article is a week after the last most-recent article.))

[Ottawa] Over the past week, crime rates have dropped an astonishing amount, according to information from an RCMP officer during a press conference yesterday. Officer Rowley attributes the change partially to the hard work done by law enforcement in the city, however she did allude to “the removal of that oppressive cloud” which, she says, has led to a “general feeling of camaraderie” among the populace. This corroborates statements by the outspoken “expert” Wendy Johnson, who claimed earlier that a psychic attack was occurring, but now says that the attack has, without explanation, dramatically decreased in intensity.

Citizens are warned to remain alert. “We do not know what has been happening recently, or what group was the cause of recent criminal activity. Things are looking up, and we are very positive that in the next little while we can sort everything out, but please do not assume that everything is going to go back to normal in just a few days.”

— R. Kenneth Kale, The Ottawa Connection



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